Big News Day | 08/10/06

First, and most importantly, marty's last day in town will be Friday. Marty will be the fifth and final friend leaving. Most people, including jamie, went to the Farewall Dinner at Mori I did not because I had messed up my wrist falling in karate coupled with a steel drum gig. After the gig though, Jamie and I went over to Marty's to claim his houseplants as well as most of the leftover condiments in his refrigerator. I was able to get a nice balsamic vinagrette as well as four eggs and some margarita mix and a bevy of other things stuffed into a large Prada bag. Marty was also kind enough to scrape a fully grown roach (not a palmetto bug thankfully) from the groove of my trunk with a stick. I'm trying hard to force that image out of my mind as the "last Marty memory". At least he's leaving a man.




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