Professional Interview | 11/02/06

I've decided that my life would be much, much better if I had journalists interview me after every day. Not just any journalists but those women ESPN sends down at halftime to talk to college football coaches. I'm sure they were first in their broadcasting classes in Columbia but come on. Not to say that men do any better in these interviews but at least men like football (present company accepted).

Broadcaster: So Mike, tell us about that first JavaScript error.
Me: Well, I knew I needed to put the correct characters on the screen and I just wasn't doing it.
Broadcaster: What are you going to do the rest of the day to try to combat this?
Me:Well, I'm going to come out and try to not mistype.
Broadcaster: So you're going to try to make sure your fingers are not hitting the wrong keys?
Me: Well, it's a job of finesse--a large part of it is making sure you're not just hitting the wrong keys but hitting right keys too.
Broadcaster: If you do successfully get that web service written how are you going to feel?
Me:Well, I reckon I'll probably feel pretty darn good.
Broadcaster:And if it doesn't get done?
Me::Well, I reckon I'll probably feel bad but right now I just have to focus on making sure my inner.HTML's have periods in the right place.
Broadcaster:That's it from down here! Back to Large Blackman in the studio!




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