MAGMA! | 08/17/06

I've you've never been fortunate enough to play my piece MAMGA you're really missing out. I know, I know, not everyone plays the steel drums although I hear John Williams is working on an arrangement for the Boston Pops and I know for sure Andre Previn will be doing an orchestral reduction in the near future as well. Last night I met with David and we went over which pieces he wanted. I made him listen to about three hours worth of music and went away with eight pieces. Not too bad. It saved $360 from his budget so I can sleep easy at night. It's funny when you're listening to something you've written with someone who doesn't know the piece how you feel compelled to explain things. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. They don't need to you invented a locrian cadence. It's hard to fight that urge though because, hey, it's a locrian cadence.

Special thanks to BU, the only contributor to yesterday's Hybrid Animal Challenge. You will be pleased to know he was a waldad. Part walrus, part crawdad. A waldad.


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