Get Me Outta Here | 08/21/06

I'm not sure I believe John Mark Karr killed Jon Benet. Here's a guy in a Thai prison. As I learned at work there is a big difference between jail and prison and prison is not particularly savory. AND that's in the United States. Make it a Thai prison and I bet I would say anything to get out. Anything? Like that I killed Jon Benet? Perhaps. God knows I'm creepy and pedophile-like enough to say it and people would believe me. I'm obsessed with the girl anyway because I've got a thing for 6-8 year old hotties. I'm not saying JMK is guilty or not guilty. I'm just saying he's perfectly creepy to be the killer but at the same time can you trust anyone who wants to get out of a Thai prison?

tchris won our Welcome Back game over poker, knocking me out in head-to-head. Also joining the game was Blogless-Amy, her friend Kristen and jamie. Our karate test is Saturday but last night I either severly sprained or slightly fractured the index finger on my left hand after slamming it in my car door after poker. Ouch. That is some intense pain. Something sharp poked a hole in me and that makes me a little nervous. I can bend it with only moderate pain so I'm hoping it's just sprained. I'm not saying anything about it in karate though because nothing is holding me back from my purple belt and black gi.


Kristin Williams (Unknown)




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