Burning Computer | 08/22/06

Looks like I'm in the market for a new desktop computer. Mine turns on but suddenly the air fills with the delectable aroma of burning electronics and shuts back off. The hard drives are safe and really that's all that matters to me. The laptop is still fine so that will tide me over in the short term before I can get my grubby little hands on a new desktop once I save up some money in a few months.

I had to work with the preteen rapist again in karate and, as he had always done in the past, he made me look really bad. Normally I would have been just a little pissed but with them asking people to test I was mega-ulta-pissed. He throws these half-assed little punches that unless you're some dwarf hybrid you're going to have to run towards to make sure you make contact with him. We have a height difference of about a foot and I don't think our instructor (who has the TINIEST hands I've ever seen on a grown man) realizes that my decisions are "do the right move and avoid blocking/touching FreakShow at all" or "Hell with the form and move in and do something different". Of course in a fight the answer is "do something different" but this isn't a fight--it's a demonstration of knowledge. christine always gets to work with the purple belt girl, Dixie (yee-haw), because she strategically takes the 2nd spot in our workout. I just hate this kid. I hate him so much.




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