Purple Nurple | 08/27/06

That's right, we did it. After a gruelling 3.5 hour marathon class/test both christine and I both scored two beautiful new purple belts. She did much better than I did but fortunately there were so many people there I didn't have a watchful eye on me the time I forgot to bow before starting my form or when I forgot the most important part of the Tiger Mouth.

I went home and napped while jamie, Matt and Kevin played at the Caribbean Festival. Apparently they were kicked off the stage for sucking so badly. Ouch.

I spent most of the day Sunday at work overhauling one of our big websites. It gets so much traffic we couldn't make changes during the week so I gave up a beautiful day in exchange for Friday off. My computer still doesn't work so after work today I need to go to CompUSA and get the new fan I need. Maybe I'll wear my new belt in there and they will give it to me for free.




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