Late Night Poker | 12/01/06

On Friday we played a Weekend Version of poker at tchris' place. It was big group that included Jamie, Ricky, Renee, Ian, Amy, her friend Kristin and me. Honestly, everything was going great for a couple of hours. I had enough chips to play to knock people out and all was good. Until I tried to put Amy in. Now friends, I had a full house--aces over sixes. The board after the flop was AA6 and I had AK. I slow play. Next card--another six. I check, hoping Amy will raise so I can reraise her all-in. She does! A paltry 25. She calls my reraise! Bam! She has four sixes. Who the hell, out of a table of seven, gets four sixes? Amy. That depleted almost half my stack and I played like an idiot the rest of the game trying to make up for the huge chip loss. Jamie and I gave up around midnight but I heard Renee won. Good for her.




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