Good To Be A Gator | 12/02/06

I admit I watched the Arkansas vs. Florida SEC Championship Game even though I worked on stuff while I watched it. I can't believe that Florida gets to play for the National Championship. I can't believe it. They lost by 10 to Auburn! Michigan lost by 3 to the only undefeated team in the country on the road! Man, I hope Ohio State beats them 200-0. Urban Meyer is...something. He's more kind than Steve Spurrier but in a very annoying way. Sure, Spurrier would call you all sorts of names but at least he was forthcoming about being a total asshole. Urban Meyer pretends to be this upstanding, classy guy when really he's just playing the Humble Game. I've heard more sincere things come out of our President's mouth. Urban is such a kiss-ass; practically begging for votes any place there was a microphone. Go Buckeyes!




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