Computer Bust | 12/03/06

ALL HAIL. ALL HAIL ME. I am the 2006 College Pick 'Em Chamption. HAIL. pchris edged me with some excellent last-game picks in 2005 but I was not going to be denied yet again.

I hate my computer. Ricky was able to get it to stop overheating a month ago but this weekend it really took a turn for the worst. First, my beloved Brother laser printer finally gave up after about 15k pages. It had a good life but its demise couldn't really have come at a worse time. I replaced it yesterday with a HP Color laser and so far it's done an admirable job. The new one was the only one at CompUSA (no time to comparison shop) that had the duplexing feature, a requirement for printing musical scores.

My sound card was also shot so I had to replace that as well. Unfortunately after dropping about $200 on it and getting truly excellent sound, I discovered it was incompatible with my ethernet card. Sound vs. Internet. A few old-versions-of-drivers installations later everything works again. I also ended buying over $100 of paper for this new machine. I forgot what it's like to be poor. It sucks.




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