Several Pets | 11/01/06

We have a pet rat at our office. Actually several. Actaully since we've seen two we probably have upwards of 30. The one residing closest to me I have named Donald and the rabid one that we see on the front porch I've named Top. Neither are New York sewer-sized rats but they are definitely not mice. Top runs in rabid circles with no fear of human contact. Donald, clearly the brains of the outfit, has but a single path--from the fridge to the conference room and back, similar to my own daily path. I feel obligated to mention at this time that we also have a cat in our office and it belongs to possible the smartest person I know, our programmer Liz. Her cat, Tuxedo, is a hunter but has yet to try to eat Donald. Don't get me wrong--even though I have named these rodents I want them dead and I don't care how cruel their passing is.

For my birthday Jamie got me some more tropical fish for my fish tank. Yesterday I found a snail in that same tank so I asked her if she had bought a snail and she said no. Apparently this magical snail arrived when I took the stucco plants from the office tank of my boss, Kurt. They were very nice, high quality decorations so I greedily took them when offered. However, they sat in the conference room for at least a week because I kept forgetting them. Once they made it to my car they sat in there for at least two weeks before finally making into the tank. Somehow this snail, who spends all day underwater, was able to live for a month with no water or food AND in open air. I remember when I was at FSU said probably the most profound animal-comment I've heard after I voiced my conernes about Chompy (then Ginger) dying while I was at class. He said, "Dogs are self-preserving animals; they don't want to die in your apartment either". And it's true. They don't. Happy November.




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