New Blog | 12/06/06

Once my applications are in the mail, which will hopefully be in hours from now, I will spend my free time working on a new blog. This new blog will be more comprehensive--photos, music, a whole new everything. It's probably a good three or four months away from being live but I think it'll be pretty darn cool when it's all done. You'll be pleased to know I rewrote the Guilt Links from scratch and on the new site they'll only take about one second to load (unlike the eleven they take now). With the space taken for all of the photos and music so far I'm already up to ~350MB so I will sadly be leaving the Urizone instead of raking up big bills for brian in the name of bandwidth consumption. The reason for the change is adding entries with my old method sucks. When I made this incarnation of the blog I did not know enough to really build what I wanted and after two years of this style it's time for a new one. When I made this blog I was still so new to PHP that the only feature I utilized was the include_once (and I guess the form handler on the Contact page that only the spammers use). Now though--look out Chompy. Prepare to toggle.




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