I am a Zombie | 12/08/06

I am a zombie. My goal was to have all of my applications out on Friday but since I had to wait for MW's letter I gave everything the once-over and set Monday to be the new goal. Oops. Finding the word "distributed" mispelled on the front page of some of the cover sheets made me want to cry. I should note this was not discovered until I was at FedEx. With each passing day I understand more fully why people never go back to finish degrees. To work 9am-6pm every day and then from 8:30pm-2:30am for a month is horrible. I can't even imagine having to do it with a wife...or kids, a dog (sometimes two) is bad enough. Add in that it's Christmas time, that we just launced a new, really cool site at work and that I'm leaving for Chicago in two weeks and it's like Howard Dean once said, "Argh!".




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