I'm Tired--So Tired | 12/11/06

The funny thing about not getting much sleep isn't that you're that tired. It's that you're loopy. Things make sense that shouldn't. It's horrible. I forgot to prepare for my first 12/12 day so I'll have to settle for a 13/13 a day late. I'm not sure if doing a 13/13 is something blasphemous but it might be so I'll check with brian first.

I have a recurring dream for the last three nights. I'm in some airport, although I believe it's Reagan in Washington, and I'm there with this girl from my middle school. We're waiting in the airport baggage line and I tell her that I'm applying to schools and she tells me that I'm not going to get into any. BUT it's not too late to apply for Ralph Waldo Emmerson College of Western Washington. I inform her that I've never of that school and she says something like, "Haven't you heard of the University of Washington? I know it's not the formal name but that's what we all call it." She doesn't believe me when I tell here that there already is a University of Washington and people have heard of it. Stupid dreams.




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