Only In Dreams | 12/12/06

I had the weirdest dream last night. It was not my recurring middle school dream either. I'll try to skip the really graphic parts but they're only so avoidable. I dreamt I was going home for Christmas this year and at the last minute Ricky asked to go with me. I told him no since in my dream I had a good reason but he wouldn't take no for an answer. Finally he says something like, "if you bring me with you I'll show you my secret power". Natually I asked what this secret power was. He informed me that it was the ability to make anyone talk about anything he wanted. I told him to prove it and he said he would when we got to Chicago. So jump ahead in the dream to Christmas Eve and we're at my grandparents' house in Coal City. Ricky and I are sitting on the couch on the far wall and he asks me if he wants to see the power now. I shrug but he looks right at my grandfather, who is sitting with my about-to-be-blushing grandmother, and tells them to start talking about...oh, something you would never ever want to hear about. Let's just leave it at that.




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