On Wisconsin | 12/13/06

I love Fraiser. I never watched the show when it was it was on regular TV but now that Lifetime has syndicated it I know if I can manage to stay up until 1am I will have been able to double dose on it. Last night I put the finishing touches on the Wisconsin and Washington applications. I'd really like to go to Washington even though I don't know much about the school except that it's in Seattle. I think I would like Seattle just as much as I would hate Madison. Don't get me wrong--Madison is a beautiful town with a very good school in the heart of it but it's just like the cold version of Tallahassee. State capital, big university, nothing else to do.

My brother is in China right now meeting his lover (who he met online) and he'll return right before Christmas. A month ago my trip to the Caribbean (pictures are coming soon, I promise) was going to be the talk of the town but Steve is going to steel my glory with stories about China. I think since I live further away I should be granted Story Master and he can be relegated to saying things like "and then I saw a monkey" or "it rained a lot".




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