If the House is Barak'ing | 12/14/06

I normally don't write political entries, saving them for people who are really in the know like pchris. However, I am a total loss to explain the popularity of Barack Obama. He just got to Washington--he hasn't even been there two years. He can speak in coherent sentences, which I guess puts him ahead of our current President, but still. Don't get me wrong now--I have nothing at all against him and I'd definitely vote for him before Hillary. I just don't get it though. He's apparently a serious enough contender to have been totally slammed by total morons Maureen Dowd and Rush Limbaugh. Those two make me want Jack Kevorkian out of jail (he is) for a little physicial assisted homocide. What idiots. The only thing worse than a politian is something that makes his/her career out of talking about politics...like they were too ugly to be voted in charge of anything in high school.




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