Office Party | 12/17/06

This weekend Jamie and I celebrated Christmas. She was the recipient of a digital camera and I got a new tennis racket, that is going to be picked out on Monday. The dogs got small bags of gingerbread treats since the food guys and gals went a little overboard on the spending. We also went to Giorgio's for dinner and it was way better than when we went there for our office Christmas party last year. We were in and out in an hour and the food was much better than last year. I wish they'd go back to the cheeseless potato pie but I guess you can't always get what you want.

On Sunday we had our office Christmas party. The restaurant we were originally going to go to was closed so we made it a potluck affair and came in around 3pm. Jamie, per the request of some of my co-workers, made her Kitty Litter desert even though it was Christmas and not Halloween. Everyone really seemed to like it. I made nearly 20 lbs of mashed potatoes which, as I learned later, was WAY too many. I thought we'd have 17 people and I figured about 1.5 potatoes per person. Only about 12 people came so there were plenty addition to the extra 15 lbs of them I have uncooked at home. At the end of our party we sat down to our first game of Office Party Poker.

Seven of us played: Kurt, Kurt's brother Cameron, Liz/Richard (Lichard), Vince, his wife Jackie, Jamie and me. Kurt and Cameron were the first two out,then about two hours went by and Licahrd and Jackie were eliminated as well. By that point Vince and I had two pretty big stacks and Jamie was nowhere near going out. Fortunately Vince's mother in law called asking when they'd be back and he put Jamie all-in for a quick kill but she won and ended up knocking him out. Rather than force everyone to stay and watch us battle for 70,000 dinar (long story) Jamie and I packed up the chips to settle it at home. We agreed to play one hand, all or nothing with each of us getting one pre-flop fold. We ended up playing the first set of cards she dealt--Q/10 vs. K/4. I won with a pair of 4s. And that, friends, was my weekend.




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