Football Playoffs | 11/30/03

I think what I like the most about football is the finality. In the baseball playoffs, you have seven chances (or five, at the least) to prove you're a better team. In football, it's do or die. I didn't watch any football today because I've been working on my insipid HoMT paper. I discovered today that there is not only a translation of this treatise in existence but it was done by a Ph.D student here at FSU in 1978. I wanted to look at it to see how this Linda-woman dealt with some of the more colloquial phrases but alas, this treatise is in the "Subarchival Basement" of Strozier. Apparently, there is a copy of it in the music library but someone has it checked out and it's overdue. I wonder who else would have it? I can't help but wonder if my professor checked it out since she knew I was doing it (I surely didn't before today) and didn't want me to look at it. I was under the impression that we can use any resources available, though. I'd like to see someone write a 30 page paper without referencing anything. Oh well, my presentation is tomorrow and I need to put together some scraps so I too can bore my classmates with the banality of Spanish theorists. All the fish finally reared their heads today, so now I know for sure that they're all alive. I'm still waiting to see Chris Rix, but I'm confident he'll come out eventually. I had a nice break from working on this paper/handout-thing at Fire and Ice. Nothing like mint ice cream on a stifling 34F evening. I hope to have some acknowledgments of the many job applications I sent out sometime this week. Hopefully one of them will say yes by sending me a manila envelope stuffed with money. Even if it's $1's I'll still take it. Oh, and we had our 400th visitor today. Most importantly, it wasn't me.




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