Nostrachompy | 12/19/06

Since all I did last night was clean out the Taurus and have nothing at all interesting to say I'll get right to what everyone wants to see--the predictions. But first, a joke:
A man brings his little dog to a bar every night. It is a good little dog and quickly becomes popular with all of the patrons. After a nearly a decade of seeing the wee pup every night one night it doesn't show up. The owner comes in the next day and tells everyone the dog has died. The bar crowd is very sad and wants to find a way to memorialize the dog so they discuss it and agree to cut off its tail and put it on display behind the bar so everyone can see it and be reminded of him.

Meanwhile, the dog is standing in front of St. Peter. "I'm sorry", Peter says. "Heaven is a place of perfection and although you've lived a good life I cannot let you in without it." The dog replies, "But I've been a model dog--perfect in every way AND I had my tail when I passed on." Peter apologizes but does not let the little dog into heaven. Peter informs him that if he wants to get into heaven he will have to go down to Earth to retrieve it.

The dog magically appears at the bar before 5am and scratches on the door in the hopes of waking up the owner. After a while the owner wakes up and comes to the door. "Oh my God, it's the ghost of our dog!" The dog informs the owner that in order for him to get into heaven he needs his tail back. The owner replies, "I'm sorry I can't retail spirits after hours".
--From my mom

Here are your predictions for 2008:
Famous Death: Clint Eastwood
Declare War On: Your Mom
Married: Ian and Renee
FSU's Record: 7-6
Suffering Country: India
General: That I will forget to post these at the end of next year

Famous Death: Nicole Richie Declare War On: No one
Married: Liz
FSU: Undefeated until loss in National Championship
Suffering Country: USA
General: We will get into our #1 schools

Famous Death: Britney Spears
War: Iran
Married: Theory-Chris
FSU: 7-4
Suffering Country: India
General: She will get a job.

And that's all of them. It's not too late to cast your own predictions! Just fill out the form in yesterday's entry.




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