Piglets | 01/02/07

I stayed up late again last night to churn out another set of items on the new blog checklist including the comment section for the photos and moving the last of the old entries into the MySQL database. Still on the list are importing all of the blog graphics, setting up appropriate subdomains and setting up Prediction Lists for all the shows I now watch (Lost, Grey's and DH).

I left Publix last night and a woman, followed by a small stream of her children ran a cart into the front of the Taurus. The woman was petite, black and even though she had at least three children did not look any older than 24. Since I was about two feet away from her I simply said, "Excuse me, I think your cart hit my car." I'm sure I was more accusatory than I remember but I really tried to say it as more of a side comment than a "You f*ing b*ch". She replied, "So what cracker, we got(s) places to be." and kept walking. I kid you not, those were her exact words. She didn't even stop walking to address me directly.

First of all, who uses the term "cracker" except on sketches on late-night TV? I had never heard a real-life black person say it until last night. I figured it was some word invented by...crackers so they (we) wouldn't have to endure a real slang. Second of all, what if it had happened the other way around and I had called her and her kids a cross between a naughty N word and piglets? I'd be in big trouble Chompy--and rightfully so. I wasn't looking for an apology last night; it's not like the cart even left a scratch--it was the principle of it. Whatever, enjoy your lifetime of Kia Sorrentos and Welfare Carols you f*ing b*ch.


Ann-Marie (Unknown)

I love that you put up a picture of piglets..... but wow. People rock. Especially that kinda people.....

Mike (Unknown)

Yeah, those piglets are TOO CUTE. Maybe she was just having a really bad day--who knows what people are thinking. God knows I've said some really mean things to people just because I'd been having a bad day until that point. Oh well.



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