Gypsy Tears To Cure The AIDS | 01/05/07

Last night Jamie and I went to see the Borat movie. It was pretty funny and it felt good to walk away from it hating my own country. The poor University of South Carolina--wow. Talk about a school full of rapists. As if having Steve Spurrier as their football coach wasn't bad enough. Wow. I'm just glad it was frat guys from that school and not from FSU. Lucky us. Parts of it were pretty lame and I really had no interest in seeing it but I'm glad Jamie took me to it. I was surprised that they were able to show the...kibbles of Borat's son in the photo in the movie. I guess that kind of paled in comparison to the two guys wrestling in the buff but still. It wasn't really offensive (directly) except for the rodeo guy referring to me as an I-talian but whatever. It's just a movie. Except for the Americans. Stupid Americans.

This is my first entry using my new GUI instead of just sticking entries straight into the database so I'll cross my fingers that it works. Have a nice weekend! I know I will--I've had three different job offers in the past six months. Can you believe that? Wasn't it just a few years ago that no one would give me a break because I had a degree in music? My oh my Chompy, how the times change. The most recent offer is by far the most interesting and the guy who started MySpace is one of the investors--great potential. I would be able to work from home so that's fantastic of course. It feels good to feel wanted but with me going to get that damn Ph. D in six months I know I don't have the requisite loyalty--oh wait this new job would be cool with my leaving then. Decisions decisions.




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