Nerding Out | 01/06/07

I only did two things on Saturday: Work on this blog and play video games. Why? Because I could. Now that life has calmed down again I figured it was as good a weekend as any to accomplish next to nothing and rest assured that I was able to do that. My brother Steve had tried to send me a game but it didn't work out so I settled for Civilization 4, a game I hadn't played in a couple years. Apparently taking a 700-day(ish) break makes you really bad. It was still comforting, since for whatever reason it's more fun to play video games from years ago than current ones. I think the blog is ready to go. There's still some AJAX stuff I need to do but that's not mission critical. I guess I'll see tomorrow if I remember how to write a 301 redirect htaccess file.




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