Poker Legend | 01/07/07

Can ANYONE beat me at poker? I'm just kidding--lots of people can (although I can't think of any off-hand). Last night we formally shifted our poker nights from Thursdays to Sundays at 5pm. This will make my week a little sadder but it also opens some time up for all of us to work on dissertations and whatnot.

I won't go into the gory details of the game last night but, just as it did on Thursday, it ended up coming down to me, Chris and Ian with me narrowly knocking them out for the win. In the hopes of many similar entries over the next eight months, here are the stats from last night's game:

1) Mike (Slayed: Ian, Chris, Jamie, Christen)
2) Ian
3) Chris (Slayed: Renee)
4) Jamie
5) Christen
6) Renee


Mike (Unknown)

I am a poker god.

BU (Unknown)

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T-Chris (Unknown)

You know, the poker gods won't like that you referred yourself as one of their own. Hell hath no fury like an angry poker god. New site looks nice, BTW.



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