Crazed Football Fans | 11/29/03

Maybe because I didn't go to a college with a football team, I never realized what a crazed fan I am. I root pretty hard in baseball but expletives do not leave my mouth with the same sort of excitement as when I'm cheering for FSU. Today was the FSU vs. UF game. When I first moved down here, I didn't understand the rivalry between the two schools. It seemed that if one was good at something the other was horrible. Ah, football. I started hating the University of Florida when they billed themselves as the "Premier Music School of the South" for a regional Society for Composer, Inc. conference. At first we all had a bad-sitcom laugh as we replied "south of Tallahassee" but what about Miami? or USF? The Premier Music School of Gainesville, perhaps. Alas, there is the Santa Fe Community College, so maybe they're the best in their half of Gainesville. Whatever. Even though the gave themselves that accolade, we really just rolled our eyes at first. But we're down there, hanging out with Michael Torke, the guest composer, going out and swapping stories (gross, gross stories) and THEY have the audacity to try to make fun of us. Little did they know that we all walked away with copies of their UF Composition Studio CDs. I tried to rip a couple songs to put them up here but my computer insisted on trying to open it with Internet Explorer. WTF? It kept going to I don't get it. Anyway, the game today could have ended in disaster but the ever-changing chameleon known as Chris Rix decided to play well and scored a TD with about a minute left to silence the cheering UF fans. And they were going crazy. Man, their look of heartbreak was great. Few things make me as happy as watching a group of people I generally dislike suffer. I did some more research on my HoMT paper and I will hopefully make it to the library tomorrow to actually touch this "treatise" I've heard so much about. Tonight's faire was BW3's. All my fish are still alive and I finally have some things to add to my Christmas list. If you're not sure what to get me, maybe some Texas Holey Rock or any sort of pH increasing rock. They have a gay guy on What Not To Wear on TLC. That's not fair. I need way more help than he does. If I were on the show, they'd try to make me look like him. Let a brother catch up!




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