2006 College Football Championship | 01/08/07

Ugh, Black Monday. I guess Black Tuesday would be more appropriate since the true fallout of the University of Florida winning won't really hit until then. Anyway, in case you didn't hear UF won the 2006 College Football Championship after decimating an unpracticed OSU team, 41-14. Ted Gynn Jr. ran back the opening kick-off for Ohio State for a touchdown but that's where Ohio State gave up.

Outside of Ohio, I would have to imagine that Tallahassee was the largest city in the country rooting for the Buckeyes. I saw more OSU bumper stickers, flags, etc than I would have ever imagined driving home from work yesterday. I don't think schools like Tennessee and Georgia would really root as wholeheartedly against the Gators because while they are certainly rivals, at least someone from their conference won.

I gave up watching at halftime and watched a few episodes of Six Feet Under while working on the African Languages Club of Indiana University's new website and playing Civ 4. Steve also sent me a picture to use for my update today but I forgot to upload it. I'll get it tomorrow!




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