Terror Mummy | 01/10/07

Even though my day was pretty boring at least I wasn't discovered as a really terrified mummy today. In other daily news, Barry Bonds was discovered to be a big fat liar who has been on steroids. I can't even fathom the number of people this must shock--1? 2? His mother? Cisco is suing Apple over "iPhone". I'm not a lawyer but I think the iPod was so big that it automatically branded every noun that has an unnatural i in front of it. (If you've never typed <i>i</i> it's weird.) Sorry Cisco. Also, some Indian guy was found guilt of cannibalizing and then having sex with some of his victims. I can't help but wonder if his priorities are in the wrong order.

Steve and I played a computer game online last night and we each won once. As someone who studies how armies attack at the U of C I would have thought he would have crushed me twice in a row. But the Romans didn't have zombies.


sc (Unknown)

damn zombies

Mike (Unknown)

Yeah, that's right. I don't think you learn about zombie militias at any university though so don't feel too badly about it.



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