Kankles | 01/12/07

There are some words, that for no reason, I absolutely hate hearing. They make my stomach turn. First off, I hate the word kankle. I know it's a combination of calf-ankle and it's better than ankalf but still. I hate it.

I REALLY hate rural. While I hate other people saying it, I hate it more when I have to say it because it sounds so awkward. Ugh, I don't think anyone can say it in a pleasing way. It's just a terrible word.

I also hate the word hankering. This word (fortunately) is not widely used in the South but up north it means you want something. I have a hankering for hamburgers. I wish we could abolish certain words from the language--maybe Chris could take care of getting rid of these words for me.


Carly (Unknown)

I have kankles and it hurts my feeli g so much when people make fun of them your mean!


me (Unknown)

i luv KANKLES.
i luv KANKLES.
i luv KANKLES.

i HANKER KANKLES with a burning fiery passion that i will never go away.

the kind of KANKLES i HANKER the most are the kind from sweet (large) girls that live in RURAL areas.

RURAL areas like jefferson twp & lake hopatcong.

those are the RURAL areas where i HANKER chicks with fat juicy KANKLES the most.

Vic Demise (Unknown)

While I sympathize with the whole "I hate some words" thing, that's the fun of language. Plus ANYONE can invent a word, it's fun and your right as a human. It's good that some words bother people, like "maggot" or "feces" (or "stool") those are effectivbe powerful words. (I don't care for "rural" either, as it just an uncomfortable noise to make with your mouth- sort of like gagging.



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