Oversimplifying | 01/13/07

On Saturday and Sunday I carried on with my life simplification going through the 1800 CDs I owned. I had completed the pop and jazz sections a few months ago and had been putting off Classical because of the sheer number of CDs I was going to have to sort through.

Fortunately the Bears game was on and believe it or not I was rooting for the Bears. I hate New Orleans more than Rex Grossman so I wanted the time with the greater likelihood of beating them to win. As I sorted the CDs I discovered that I am missing a few major works: Beethoven 5 and Beethoven 9 (even my parents have those!), any Mozart Symphony (how is this even possible--he wrote like four million), not even one CD by Schumann (whatever), Rite of Spring (yet somehow I have four recordings of Symphony in C)--anyway, you get the idea.

Far and away, I have the most chamber music. I have the complete strings quartets from just about anyone I can think of (except Marty Blessinger) and the symphonic stuff is pretty close--there are about 300 chamber music CDs and 250 symphonic ones. I didn't touch the boxed sets.

Zzzzz, what a boring entry.




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