Happy Birthday Chris | 01/14/07

Happy 26th Birthday Chris Green! If you visited my blog yesterday on the actual 14th then you saw the newest feature of this site--the picture of Chompy whistles your face on your birthday. Isn't that exciting? If you are concerned that Chompy will not whistle your face on your birthday or that I have forgotten what your birthday is, please leave me a comment with it so I can add it. I won't list who I have because I don't want anyone to feel bad that I have forgotten them so just add yours! It will be worth it.

Last year we played poker on Chris' birthday and I won in honor of him not dying for 25 years. This year, T-Chris won a $40 pot, thus ending my streak of not losing in 2007. I had the stats but I left in them in the pants I was wearing so you will have to wait for the details of the game. I finished in 4th after upsetting the poker gods by referring to myself as both a poker god and poker legend last week. Oops.

Within the next month or so my brother Steve will start posting to a blog here. His life is pretty dull but his entries are only about two sentences so at least he doesn't talk about how boring his life is. Unlike some people.


Jamie (Unknown)

That's the 4th of july picture...how did you remove the flag??? I'm impressed!

BU (Unknown)

My birthday is Feb 29, 1976. CAN CHOMPY HANDLE THE LEAP YEAR!

Elena (Unknown)

June 9, 1978

Mike (Unknown)

I removed the flag with crazy Photoshop skills.

Yes, Chompy can handle the leap year--but I already have yours fortunately.

Barb (Unknown)

March 3, 1980

K-Chris (Unknown)

Too bad you couldn't use your crazy photoshop skills to get rid of my double chin

Jamie (Unknown)

Oh shut it Chris...you look amazing :)

T-Chris (Unknown)

September 30, 1978.

Mikey Ray (Unknown)

April 4, 1983

Christine (Unknown)

May 11, 1978



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