Getaway | 01/16/07

Man, I can't wait to get out of here. Talking to (IU) Chris online and reading Elena's blog made me remember that Jamie and I are stuck here for another seven months. I'm not sure if it's because I'm just so jealous of so many people I know pursuing their own interests or the fact that my job description has become simply "bitch" for the past week but man, I am just clamoring (chomping at the bit, if you will) for something new.

I really don't mind the corporate world--I just mind doing things that "a middle school intern" (the phrase I believe I used yesterday) could do. I'd like to think I'm pretty darn good at a lot of workplace things so being used for data entry type things is a little bit insulting. Liz reminded me that I get my salary regardless of what I'm doing but even with the 50% raise I received last year after receiving several job offers in the past six months has reminded me that I should be rich. I'm talking Brian Uri rich (BUR[!]). And that's pretty rich. I know Brian's not as his desk doing Top Secret Data Entry. So come on. I'm no Brian and I'm no Ricky but I'm not a middle school intern either. Just look at this beautiful site!


Mikey Ray (Unknown)

I was once a middle school intern. It's not as bad as one would think . . .

Mike (Unknown)

Yeah but you were hot intern all of the teachers wanted to do. No one here wants to do me. I hope.



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