African Cichlids | 11/28/03

Today was a pretty relaxing day. I woke up around noon, played some online Euchre with my new screen name and did some research for my upcoming presentation for HoMT. I had my second Thanksgiving meal and Jamie beat my ass in Madden football. We watched Dude, Where's My Car? and it was easily the worst movie I have ever seen. There were a few "funny" moments, like when they're at the Chinese FoooooooD drive-through, but on the whole it was horrible. Worse than horrible. I also bought the first fish for the new tank after some very thorough research last night, which consisted of me looking at fish online and saying "ooh, those are pretty" or "eew, those are ugly". I've elected to go for the African Lake Reef setup, so I'm stuck from here in with African Cichlids (as opposed to the Central/South American ones). I added eight fish tonight. My pH levels looked ok and they all seem to be swimming comfortably and getting along well with Chris Rix. I can't remember specifically what the species of them are, but there are for yellow stripped ones of Breed A and four yellow ones with like a black mohawk, Breed B. I read in the paper of a Cichlid fish breeder so I might call him tomorrow and see what he's got. I don't plan on adding any more fish until I come back from Christmas break, even though Jamie said she'd feed them for me (I don't want to miss their formative days of growing up). Here are some pictures of the fish I bought. Breed A (Auratus - mine look like the top picture) Breed B (apparently called the "Electric Yellow Cichlid") Chris Rix (a.k.a Dr. Suck in my Community tank) The Mas N' Steel website recorded its 350th visitor this week. I don't know who all keeps coming, but thanks, I guess. I know I come at least once a day to read my previous day's journal to see find all the typos I made the night before and fix them.




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