Google Dancing | 01/17/07

The word around the office is that Google is updating again. With only 94 of the 1300 pages of this site indexed I'm a little bit bummed that it couldn't have come in another month or so. Oh well.

I was at the Publix pharmacy at the wrinkled woman in front of me smalled like Parmesan cheese. Maybe it's just because I hate cheese but I could not stop dry heaving. I eventually gave up waiting in line because I was afraid one of the times the "dry" in dry heaving wouldn't have been appropriate.

I keep having dreams with people from high school in them. Not just people from high school but people who I would have never thought of in a million years. Apparently my subconscious remembers their first and last names though and is kind enough to keep putting them on dream cruise ships with me. Maybe it's because my 10 year high school reunion is this year. I just wish it would stop since I'm not going and I'd rather have dreams about more restful things.


sc (Unknown)

i had one two nights ago where i made it back to gregory for 2 of my classmates wedding, remembered first and last names. no idea if they even still talk, but i know what you mean.



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