Chuck The Chest | 01/18/07

In case you've been living inside of an FSU bubble, Chuck Amato has returned after his short career at NC State. This is good since FSU has found several different ways to lose to NC State the past five years and Tom O'Brien is not as in love with the trick plays as much as Chuck was. Now that FSU has good coaches there will really be no excuse for doing badly starting two years from now--it's in the players' hands and if they suck I guess we'll just have to root for Virginia Tech.

Jamie took me out to a nice dinner at Longhorn last night. Being even more irritable than I usually (if you can even imagine) I noticed the girl on the other side of our booth wall would not shut up. For ten minutes straight "bleh bleh bleh, English major, bleh bleh bleh, like, bleh bleh bleh, boyfriend, bleh bleh bleh, school, bleh bleh bleh". I assumed it was some college girl talking to some male companion. Likely one not attractive enough to be the official boyfriend. As we approached 15 minutes of (LITERALLY) non-stop talking I decided to get up to see what this yak-mouth looked like. Whoa Chompy! It's the WAITRESS talking to this old couple. That poor old couple! The looks on their faces said simply, "kill us, we're close anyway". I didn't though, so don't you worry.


P-Chris (Unknown)

That is sooooooo funny about the yappy waitress. Poor old couple.

Mike (Unknown)

I hope I didn't actually freeze once I stood up and made eye contact with her because I fear that I did.



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