Pets Peeves | 01/19/07

I am so happy this week is over. Jamie left for Ohio to see her ailing grandma so I am free wheeling this weekend--except for a few minor commitments: watching Abby, buying a few CD cases, watching Abby, appearing in a TV Commercial and uploading Chris' new IU site to name a few.

This entry was going to be about pet peeves but right now I can only think of two. Last night I had at least a dozen. Hmm. I guess that's how it goes. I guess I could talk about my pets instead--when I move to grad school I plan on keeping Chompy. The fish will be given to whomever buys or inherits my two tanks. Hmm. Chompy almost caught a squirrel this morning. I got Chompy a squeeky-sheep for Christmas and she and Abby play with it a lot. She used to really destroy those cloth toys but now she mothers them when she's not flinging them around the house. Ok.


P-Chris (Unknown)

By the way I love the new address name.

KBS (Unknown)

You "plan on" keeping Chompy? Is there actually room for debate?

Mike (Unknown)

Thanks--I really don't have any particular fondness for the color red but Jin on Lost would say Red so it was a keeper!

There's no room for debate--she's the reason I didn't apply to any schools in the UK even though I think it would be fun to go there. Don't you worry!



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