Lesser of Two Evils | 01/20/07

I guess I have to root for the Bears even though I hate Rex Grossman. I've rooted against Rex all season but tomorrow I have no choice but to root for him. Why? Because I hate all of New Orleans. I hate the city. I hate the people. I hate the Saints. I hate everything that has anything to do with New Orleans. I hate Mississippi and Alabama simply because they share a border with the state that houses the godforsaken city. I hate the SEC MORE because LSU is in it than Florida. I hate New York because it also has "New" in its name. I hate France for the original Orleans. I can probably take some comfort in the fact the Bears will likely win AND Rex will suck. That's been the second half of their season anyway. I guess time will tell.


SC (Unknown)

Woooooooooo Da Bears!



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