Bear Down Chicago Bears | 01/21/07

Well, the Bears won. As predicted, the defense won the game so I felt pretty good rooting for them. The problem is now that they play the Colts I'm not sure who to root for; or (more likely) root against. The only way I will root for the Bears is if the Colts have no players from FSU UNLESS they have no players from FSU AND Florida (Miami is ok). I don't mind players from Miami as much as players from UF because FSU has whomped Miami in most of the recent games at least they've tasted Seminole pride if you know what I'm saying.

Jamie has returned safely from Ohio and her grandmother is still alive. Over the weekend I did a commercial for Habitat for Humanity. You'll be able to pick me out because I'm trying to keep a bee from flying in my mouth the whole time. I also will look very short because the guys next to me are standing on boxes that are off-screen. Oh well.




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