Little Miss Sunshine | 01/22/07

Apparently there is some big to-do with movies coming up because all of my regular non-sports news has been replaced by things I've never heard of. While Little Miss Sunshine could I guess be the title of some Iraqi war propaganda film I somehow doubt it. Because of all the hype, dear readers, if you were charged with making a Pro-American Iraqi War Propaganda film, what would you title it? Just a little game today because all I did last night was watch reruns of Six Feet Under on Bravo.


Jamie (Unknown)

"They misunderestimated me." What better than to use the exact words of our country's leader (eeek!!)

SC (Unknown)

"Baby, you ain't seen nothing yet!" with BTO being the only music other than all the explosions of bombs that we drop on things. It can be a 'best of' clip show from all our guided missiles and bombs. Then we can show the future weapons we're going to use to kill people. I'm sure it can be co-produced by the Discovery Channel and the History Channel.



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