You Buttholes | 01/23/07

Man, you guys suck. I had to beg for War Film Participation and even then I got my brother and my girlfriend. Both of the HAVE TO participate by unwritten law.

Speaking of buttholes, for the past three years I have been underpaying Comcast by $2/mo. Last night they shut off my cable internet and cable TV. They did not alert me to their rate increase and I had their bill set to autopay. According to the butthole on the phone, my services had not been shut off--they just wanted their money. I was quietly cruel on the phone, making sure the minimum wage earning salesperson wanted to find new work before giving them the money. He then insisted my services were not shut off (they were) and I ended having to call around 6pm to speak with another butthole who also told me my services were on (they were not).

We set up for someone to come out and look at it around 8pm. The phone rang at 8:10 and I missed the called by about one-tenth of a second because I was playing with the dogs. I immediately called back and they told me the tech was now out of my area and I'd have to reschedule. It is now about 8:11. ONE MINUTE AFTER THEY CALLED ME. Anyway, I still have no internet nor TV so remember...Comcast sucks.


SC (Unknown)

Comcast is the sh*t. And I don't mean in the good way. I mean in the what comes out of the buttholes you talked to mouth's kind of sh*t.



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