Prehistoric Shark | 01/25/07

In case you didn't see this shark in the news a few days ago it was pretty cool. I think they called it a Frill Shark and it apparently lives about 3/4 of a mile underwater off the coast of China. The experts say it's prehistoric and they actually took some movies of it swimming around before it died. They made it sound like it just happened to die which didn't really seem to fit the rest of the story AND it's China where they have Man Vs. Beast Zoo Olympics so I'm guessing some peasant wanted to eat it.

Last night I hung out with Ricky and we ate some TGIF. Their flat iron steak is not too shabby. It was really crowded with gang members, which are quickly becoming a problem in Tallahassee. I'm not kidding. This is another reason I hate Tallahassee--it has all of the problems of a big city without any of the benefits. Anyway, after TGIF we went back to Ricky's house and I got to see his new TV/DVD set up. I might actually watch movies if I had that so it's a good thing I don't.


BU (Unknown)

The Diminished Five was a gang.

Mike (Unknown)

Armed with Schenker-line-drawing protractors.

SC (Unknown)

Yeah, I saw the video. It was amazing. I'm still work on the updates, I swear



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