Laid Souce | 01/26/07

Jamie and I went to Village Pizza for lunch. I don't really like but considering the other places she could drag me it's not too bad. It seemed like we had an off-the-boat Italian as our waiter judging by his speaking. Our meal was fine but then the brought the check. First off, in big red letters it said (in very curly handwriting) Laid Souce. Obviously he had attempted to phoenetically capture my saying Light Sauce and he apparently did a good job because the pizza did indeed have Laid Souce. The only other thing I can think of is that he wrote one sexual exploit per Guest Check--the people after us got something like Nailed Gina written somewhere on theirs. Then again Souce isn't a very common name.

I don't know how many times they charged us tax. This is how crappy restaurants like Village Pizza stay in business: they know you won't put up an embarassing fight over $1 around other people. If they do it to every bill, they probably make extra couple hundred dollars a day. Anyway, they clearly taxed us several times on the bill. Even though this was apparant by there being an extra three lines on the bill, none of which were more than a dollar when Jamie asked the woman-owner got really defensive over her precious dollar. Damn I-talians and their money.




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