Trading Spaces: Family Edition | 11/27/03

Today was a good day. I woke up late, went to Chris' for Thanksgiving. We ate with the usual gang plus a kind named Kenny and Chris-2. We were late, as usual, but my salad dressings went over well. Thanks Mrs. Shaftel. We played some Taboo after the delicious feast and Jamie, Chris-2 and I were able to eek out a victory. After dinner, I squeaked out a victory in Madden Football 2000. Man, lots of close calls tonight. The "Death By Chocolate" we ate for dinner was...just amazing. Chris Rix (the fish) survived the first night in the tank. I couldn't find him this morning but since I didn't see him floating I figured he was hiding. And sure enough, he popped out tonight. I gave Chompy some turkey and when The Ab tried to get on it, Chompy tried to kill her. Seriously. Sometimes I forget that Chompy is a wild animal, chock full of sharp teeth, when she's not snuggling with me on the couch or lounging around. On a side note, Trading Spaces Family sucks. I should have named my fish Trading Spaces Family but alas, he already responds so well to Chris Rix that I don't think a name change is appropriate.




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