New PCS Formula | 01/28/07

While Jamie finished off Ian in last night's poker game I was trying to think of a better way to score the PCS and I think I've got it. Last year it was simply this: your average position. Complex, eh? The problem with it was a) you were not rewarded for winning AND you were penalized for playing in big games--if you were 4th out of four that shouldn't count higher than finishing 8th out of 8. Anyway, I do believe I have the new system:

1) Take the inverse number of the position you finished (if you finished 3rd out of 6 people you'd get 4 points; if you finished 6th you'd get one point)

2) If you won, you get .x added to your score where x=number of players excluding yourself.

3) For each kill, you get .1 added to your score. If cases where one person kills everyone AND the number of total players is greater than four, then an additional .5 is added to the kill bonus.

4) From week to week the scores are averaged against previous weeks to prevent someone from missing a week being irreparably behind.

Unlike last season the highest average score is the winner.

Game 3 Stats:
1) Jamie (IH,MC,AA,RG) [8]
2) Ian (CE) [6.1]
3) Mike (TB) [5.1]
4) Amy [4]
5) Chris [3]
6) Renee [2]
7) Tim [1]

The totals thus far through the season will be posted tomorrow once I calculate them!


Jamie (Unknown)

I'm thoroughly confused. Anyway, thanks for your money I can finally stop complaining that I haven't won.

Mike (Unknown)

It's not confusing! I don't think I used the word "inverse" properly so that's probably messing things up.

I'm sure you'll find a way to complain still :)

BU (Unknown)

Shouldn't you use a few Coaches' Polls in your calculation? I hear Chris was an AP favourite.

Mike (Unknown)

I will once I am confident I can keep track of this new way.

T-Chris (Unknown)

I agree with Brian. I was a concensus pre-season #2 pick by both the AP AND USA Today/ESPN polls. That's gotta count for something, right?

SC (Unknown)

One word: playoffs.



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