Stupid Fish | 01/29/07

For all the things and people that I will miss at RD, one thing I will not miss is the fishing magazine that goes with it. If there were ever an entrepreneurial bone in my body watching the plight of that magazine has ensured tumorous growths on it. I think the worst part about being your own boss would be hiring morons. They might not have been morons when you hired them, or they might mask it well but suddenly you're stuck with them. Like this fish--you're stuck with it. I know you don't care about the fishing magazine--you're here today to see the 2007 PCS Standings! Until we have a few more games under our belts I included everyone who has played with us thus far:

1) Ricky [6.2]
2) Ian [6.1]
3) Mike [5.73]
4) Chris [5.36]
5) Jamie [4.66]
T6) AJ [4.00]
T6) Amy [4.00]
8) Renee [1.66]
9) Christen [1.5]
10) Tim [1.00]

As you can see, it's so early everyone is still all bunched up. That makes it exciting though--hope.


Mike (Unknown)

Ok, my new system sucks. While I like Ricky, he's never finished higher than 3rd and Ian has never finished lower than 2nd so Ricky probably shouldn't be ahead of him. The rest looks pretty good though.



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