Lost! | 02/07/07

Ok, I know EVERYONE watched Lost last night. That episode was so good that it almost made up for the show being away for a fiscal quarter. Jamie and I ordered a pizza and settled in. Awesome! The only problem I had with the episode was this, and I'm hoping someone who has shot a gun before can explain this to me: Once Sawyer and Kate escape they're hauling through the jungle and get to the beach where they're spotted by three Others. Kate is on the walkie-talkie with Jack and one of the Others shoots the W-T out of Kate's hand, causing no damage at all to her; a perfect shot. The three Others then proceed to shoot at least 30 more times and MISS EVERYONE COMPLETELY. Come on! If I had the shooting skills to exact a perfect shot into someone's hand how on earth could I (to say nothing of my two friends) not even come close to hitting two much larger targets. Yes, I know they were running but I also missed several times while they were standing there figuring out what was going on. C'mon.

So what's up with Juliet? Is her sister a man? A pregnant, cancerous man? Did Ben overthrow that doctor to lead the Others? If nothing else that episode made me want to make sure I had a trained anesthesiologist nearby the next time I go into surgery.


Elena (Unknown)

No kidding! And is Juliet good or bad? Chris seems to think she's pure evil, but after seeing that background story, it's hard to say...

Mike (Unknown)

At this point I'd just like to know the gender of her sister. I'm with Chris though--I think she's definitely evil; who knows what Ben said to her while on the operating table; probably something like "they need to remain here for me to stay alive"...and she's all "see ya".

BU (Unknown)

I hope she doesn't just disappear Michael-style. Doesn't make sense for them to make such an interesting character then have her vanish unless she's about to star in a movie.

Mike (Unknown)

I was too ashamed to comment on your blog this morning because I too had written a Lost entry but yours was hysterical.



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