Superb Owl XLI | 02/04/07

Much to the disappointment of practically everyone I know (with the exception of Ian and Renee), the Colts toppled the Bears in the Superb Owl. Jamie and I were picking up her mom's car from the airport when Devon Hester ran back the opening play for a touchdown. We did make back in time to see Rex Grossman totally suck. It might not easily fit on his uniform but they really should consider renaming him Rex Interceptionman. Or Fumbleman. I think Fumbleman would fit a little better. I hope Chicago learned a valuable lesson this year and will draft some FSU players this year since we saw how well they do without any. At least Tony Dungy seems to be a nice enough guy--I would have felt really badly if the Bears had lost to some idiot like Bill Parcels.




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