She Bangs | 02/05/07

There is one and only one reason I am going back to school. Ever since I was a wee lad, which due to my late start on puberty was about 23, I knew I wanted to make a significant contribution to the world of music. Looking back now I know I've had pieces performed all of the country and even some abroad. More than I can keep track of...and that's all fine and good. I've been a damn good teacher both in classrooms and privately. Compared to Mr. Average I've already had a pretty interesting life but then William Hung got famous. And there is no way in hell I can allow William Freaking Hung to have a larger impact on music than me. No way! At least Kelly Clarkson knows how to sing.


SC (Unknown)

You know I believe you're talented, but there is no way you'll ever have an impact on society greater than William Hung. That's not a knock on you, but a pitiful reflection on the state of society...

Mike (Unknown)

I also haven't been on American Idol yet. You just wait.



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