Scarlatti Guitar Pieces | 11/26/03

Today was a good day. Despite soaking my carpet with about 30 gallons of water and having to change my socks four times, Jamie and I finally got the mega-ultra-filter working. Fluval is an excellent company and unlike most of my dealings online, they actually had customer service. Like, real service and not disservice. If you need a filter for your tank go buy one of theirs ( ). The only downside to it, was having to suck-start the siphon. The algae taste reminded me of going to this lake ("beach" as we call it in Illinois) at my Grandparent's house growing up. Once it was started and actually vacuuming in water, we discovered a leak. The problem was that the leak went unnoticed because of a closed stand door and when we finally found it everything was already soaked. Anyway, it finally worked. Flashback to this morning: I went to another monotonous History of Music Theory student-prospectus class today. People are so unimaginative, it kills me. Though, I did get to hear this kid Josh play a Scarlatti guitar piece and he did a great job. Alex hates him because he thinks Josh is working his girl, Emmy. Oh Alex, just kick him the face and get it over with. After class, I hung out with my old friend Demitra before I came home. When I was walking home, Chris was driving by and he, Mike and I went to lunch at Applebee's. Our waitress had her daughter with her and we decided that, even at age 12, this girl was going to be...well, easy. Complete with large hoop earrings and enough eye make-up to work the musical Hairspray for a year, this girl was on the tenure-track to white-trashidom. I'm pretty sure our waitress was strung out on coke (the sniffing-kind, not the drinking kind) and epileptically gave us the wrong checks. Like, not even close. Whatever. I came back home and went to the bank and then to PetCo to see if I could get an underground filter (sinec at the time, the Fluval wasn't working). My disgruntled-employee-friend gave me a $40 discount on the $60 filter. Hooray. I then went to Best Buy to get some power cords, where they mischarged me as well. On the upside, they undercharged me so I'll go back on Friday and cash in the free merchandise (all $9 worth). I returned home and Jamie and I setup the filter and made a big mess. We then returned to PetCo, where I was forced to have a terrible conversation with that generic-clerk from the Simpsons about his stupid fishtank. I got a new suckerfish as well as some plants, both living and plastic. Now the tank has a double filtration unit, both below gravel and the absorption type, complete with live plants to screw everything up. The new suckfish (Chris Rix-they both suck very consistently) seems to be doing ok. I think once I get some chiclids I'll switch Dr. Suck and Chris Rix. I'm afraid the new big fish will handily kill and eat Rix, whereas Dr. Suck, at almost 10" long now, will definitely stand a better change of survival. The only thing missing from this tank now is a new florescent light and a hood that fits. Right now, half the tank is in the dark. We ate some pizza for dinner and then played a couple of Playstation games, which kind of sucked because neither of us knew how to play anything. I manage to eek out a win in John Madden 2000 football. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I'm going to Chris' house for some delicious food. I am in charge of the bread and salad (they have a lot of faith in my cooking skills, apparently). Hopefully someone will bring a camera and we can take some fun pictures.


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