Happy Birthday Steve! | 02/06/07

Happy Birthday Steve. You're an old man...the big 2-3. Welcome to the adult world, it's just as horrible as you think. Except there's money.

To celebrate Steve's birthday I coached Kurt's soccer team's practice while he drove back from Biloxi. Looking back, I was probably about 12 the last time I played soccer so I was the natural choice to fill in. The most embarrassing moment was after making them do the warm-ups from karate (you gotta go with what you know) one particularly...active... kid was about to randomly kick the ball after the play was over. I didn't want to chase it so I trapped it under my foot. He attempted to kick it out from under me and went crashing to the ground; the ball didn't move. Maybe I'm just exceedingly strong from karate or maybe it doesn't take much to make an 11 year old fall down--I don't know. But I do know after that there was a lot less talking back. Maybe it's because I don't have kids but the fact that so many were falling and yelling didn't really phase me. It didn't actually occur to me that they could get hurt so I'm glad they didn't. Mission accomplished.


BU (Unknown)

On your next substitute soccer gig, you should bring five balls and fill one with concrete. For cost efficiency, you could reuse this for hazing when you open your fraternity.

Mike (Unknown)

Why wouldn't I want all five filled with concrete?

Jamie (Unknown)

Happy Birthday Steve!

SC (Unknown)

Thanks Jamie :)



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