Anna Nicole: Dead On Vomit | 02/08/07

I'll never forget where I was when I heard Anna Nicole Smith died. I was at my desk when Christine yelled, "Did you hear the news?". As I typically do when someone asks me that I click the Drudge Report toolbar button to quickly see what's up before I reply "Of course". No one likes people that aren't in the know. I use Drudge not because I like his death-to-liberals spin but the sad fact of the matter is he keeps up with breaking news better than anyone.

With my new knowledge I did the only logical thing I could think of: I immediately went to Alexadex and started scooping up websites that were gossipy. Unfortunately most of them were already gone but that's how it goes. I would feel absolutely terribly profiting from someone's death. Oh wait, that WAS Anna Nicole, wasn't it...except with real money. Good riddance.


Jamie (Unknown)

Mike, don't say good riddance when someone dies...that's very rude.

Mike (Unknown)

The world is a better place now that she's dead. Sorry but it's true. She epitomized what is wrong with society this generation and the police closed off roads so she could be rushed to the hospital after they already pronounced her dead--what if a "regular" person needed to go the hospital then and had to be delayed for her? I'm sorry if it offends you but I'm glad she's dead.

BU (Unknown)

Here's another perspective on her persona from a couple years ago: link P.S. Your spam check is too hard.

Mike (Unknown)

I know the spam thing is a little rough but I haven't gotten any spams yet and the forms are wide out in the open so it's doing its job (although I might move to a more legible font).

I'm glad Chad liked her but I agree with his first commenter--some people are willing to do things to get out of poverty that others aren't. The fact that he correctly refers to her as "American Royalty" just makes it worse.



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