Bonefish Goodbye | 02/10/07

Last night we had my Goodbye RD! party at Bonefish. Even though it was a smaller group than some past events, judging by the amount of dishes and glasses at the end of the night the bill must have ensured Christmas bonuses for all the staff. Thanks Kurt!

Jamie and I got there at the same time as Vince, right at 8:00pm. It was absolutely mobbed inside so Vince squirmed his way to bar to get the booze our bodies crave while we waited for the rest of the group to show up. Lo and behold everyone was already there. I of course expected Liz and Richard to be there right at 8:00 but The food was scrumptious but it was too loud to really have a conversation so we spent a lot of time nodding at each other.

After the party I dropped Jamie off and went to bed so I could wake up early and practice for Sunday Night Poker.


sc (Unknown)

who is the guy modeled after riding the rocket?

Mike (Unknown)

Me--aren't the similarities striking?



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